What is LCF?

A local community foundation and a tax-exempt charitable organization benefitting Lowndes County, Mississippi. An affiliate of the CREATE Foundation of Northeast MS.

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The Lowndes Community Foundation (LCF) is a public charitable foundation serving Lowndes County, Mississippi. LCF provides grant funding to support nonprofit organizations, including elements of city or county government, engaged in projects deemed helpful to the local community. Funding for LCF grants comes exclusively from the investment income earned by the foundation’s permanent endowment, which grows as tax-deductible gifts are made to LCF by individuals, civic organizations, and the local business sector. This makes the LCF a reliable and financially sustainable source of funding for the community. As the permanent endowment grows and produces more investment income, compounding the benefits to Lowndes County as time goes on.

As an affiliate of CREATE Foundation, Inc., LCF is fortunate to have the full administrative support of CREATE in the management of its resources, including investment services, relieving it of the need to establish and maintain an expensive administrative office. Further, board members commit to annual donations that cover the small administrative costs the LCF does have. This means that our fundraising efforts are focused exclusively on building the endowment and thereby maximizing our future grantmaking capacity.

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The LCF's permanent pool of charitable capital strives to meet the challenges and opportunities facing Lowndes County communities, now and long into the future.  Through the LCF, individuals, families, organizations, and corporations invest in the well-being of our communities by supporting the civic, educational, health, human services, and cultural activities that improve our lives. The LCF's greatest strength is that it brings the community together and allows each of us the opportunity to find our charitable voice and improve the quality of life for the people of Lowndes County for years to come.

How does LCF work?

  • LCF is managed by a Board composed of local citizens who understand our unique needs.
  • LCF is a community affiliate foundation that operates under the umbrella of CREATE Foundation.
  • CREATE provides financial technical assistance in endowment building, administration, investment management, and staff support.

How does LCF use fund earnings?

  • Only a portion of the earnings on the permanent endowment are spent each year as grants.
  • The local Lowndes Community Foundation Board manages its own grant-making process and selects projects, causes, and organizations to receive grants which provide enhancement for Columbus and Lowndes County.

Interested in learning more?

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