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Donating to LCF

LCF welcomes donations given through a variety of methods, including by cash, check, and credit card and as outlined below. Advantages to donors include the ability to:

  • Give at home and build the community's savings account to provide permanent resources for everchanging community needs.
  • Benefit a variety of organizations and causes with one gift.
  • Specify a particular project, organization, or area of interest to benefit.
  • Receive the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving.

Continue reading to see the many ways you can plan your charitable giving.

Planned Giving and Estate Giving Options

LCF strongly encouarges you to meet with a professional advisor prior to executing a gift.

Special Situations

Unique Assets: LCF can devise a philanthropic plan that may include various gift assets, such as closely held stock (private or restricted stock), qualified or non-qualified stock options, or family limited partnership interests.

Unique Forms: LCF represents an excellent alternative to supporting organizations or private foundations. We also can provide customized administrative and grantmaking functions to existing supporting organizations or private foundations.

Unique For-Profit and Non-profit Collaborations: LCF can partner with corporations to help fulfill their charitable objectives.

We also encourage charities to consider using CREATE to house their endowment funds. We add value by leveraging investment and cost efficiencies while also providing comprehensive planned giving and endowment support.

By spending the investment interest only, donors can be assured that they are making a gift that will last. The benefits are endless.

- Tom Buckley, Founding Board Member

Interested in Giving Back?

Whether you are interested in donating, want to learn about funding opportunities, are planning your annual charitable contributions, or are including charitable giving in your estate plan, we have the answers you need.